Syria: Bilal Ahmed Bilal the Imprisoned Journalist

25 Sep

Bilal Ahmed Bilal (Damascus Media Center)

This time last year the Assad Regime took Bilal from his home. Although one year has passed his family still does not know why he was taken, or what has happened to him.

During the revolution Bilal called for the demonstrations to be peaceful. However, the regime captured him out of fear of his influence on others.

The only thing his family knows about his situation is that he was captured by the secret police and taken to the army recruitment center in Daariya while he was in the process of preparing papers to travel to Beirut for an assignment.

Bilal was a journalist for the TV channel, Palestine Today.

He has a degree in History from Damascus University, and he has another degree in Media Studies.

Bilal used to live in the suburbs of Damascus. He is married and has a 3 year old son, Ali.

His friends wrote the following on Facebook: “Bilal you would prefer prison to seeing the massacres that are happening in your land, especially in the suburbs of Damascus and Daariyah”

Another friend wrote “Bilal did nothing wrong, except that he wanted to express his opinion freely under his real name, not a fake one, as per the new law ensuring the freedom of the press*”

(*It is worth noting Bashar al Assad himself enacted this law)

On various social networking sites journalists and activists have held the mukhabaraat accountable for the well being of Bilal. They demand his immediate release and an explanation as to his whereabouts because to this day no one has heard anything about him since his arrest…

Damascus Media Center (English) Syria Freedom Stories


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