Virtual Protests Explained

What exactly is a Virtual Protest?
It is a very simple idea, just a new way of doing something people have been doing all over the world for a very long time. Problem is, when people go out on the streets to protest they take great risks. A virtual protest gives people a way to let their views be known without having to face the risk of being attacked, arrested or even killed. You register your attendance at a virtual event by accepting an event invite or sending a message, for example by SMS or using a social network like Twitter.

What happens next?
A marker shows your attendance at a virtual event on a map. Not everyone can view Google maps, because some countries filter certain websites including Google, so an image of the map with its markers is also used to let everyone view the event. The links for the map and the image are published on the day of the event, sometimes before. Geolocation data is NOT used because that could be a risk for some people.

Are virtual protests less ‘valid’?
No! It does take courage to go out on the streets in defence of your rights, but that does not mean that signing a petition or registering for a virtual protest has less value. The important thing is to get your point across, make your views known, and draw attention to your cause. It should not be necessary for anyone to be injured or killed in the process.

Can I be traced by attending a Virtual Protest?
No one attending a virtual protest organised by the Global Freedom Movement is asked for personal details. If other groups appear with similar ideas and they require registration or ask for personal information you are advised to stay away.

But you can trace me through..

  • My FaceBook account – change your privacy settings
  • My Twitter account – change your name/privacy settings
  • My Email – use an anonymous email account or the ‘Subscriber Email’ feature on this blog – subscriber addresses are not shared with us.
  • My Comments– comments on hosted blogs (like this one) do not make IP address available to the blog editors. Only enter email or website url information if you want to share it.If you are still not sure please contact us with any further questions. We want virtual protests to be safe, successful and worry-free.

3 Responses to “Virtual Protests Explained”

  1. okay at 2:08 pm #

    Run this on your desktop to never be afraid from bad regimes again (virtually)

  2. afsaneh at 8:26 pm #

    Good idea


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