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11 Jun



Advice for foreign reporters

trying to cover censored elections

Published on Thursday 6 June 2013.

Media freedom has been crushed and, aside from websites that support the Supreme Leader, Internet access has been blocked, including sites belonging to senior government officials. And to top it all, the authorities are now trying to discourage foreign journalists from coming to Iran.

200 visa requests “closely examined”

Last week, culture and Islamic guidance minister Mohammad Hosseini asked the intelligence ministry to “closely examine visa applications by foreign journalists wanting to cover the 14 June presidential election so that, contrary to what happened during the last election, Zionist spies are prevented from coming to Iran.

This request followed an announcement by the foreign media chief in the culture and Islamic guidance ministry on 18 May that “200 journalists from 105 media and 26 countries have filed applications for visas to cover…

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