Brazil: 5 police officers arrested on murder charges

30 Apr

Five Brazilian police officers have been arrested for their alleged roles in the murders of journalist Rodrigo Neto de Faria and photographer Walgney Carvalho, the daily Folha de São Paulo reported on April 27.

The five officers are members of the Civil Police stationed in the central region of Vale do Aço in the state of Minas Gerais. The officers allegedly belong to militia groups, according to the newspaper.

Rodrigo Neto, who was a writer for the Vale do Aço newspaper, was murdered by unknown killers at the door of his residence on March 9. He was working on a story on those militia groups when he was killed.

Carvalho, who also worked for Vale do Aço newspaper, was fatally shot at a restaurant on April 14.

Minas Gerais Police Chief Cylton Brandão refused to comment on the arrests.

Four journalists, including Neto and Carvalho, have been killed this year in Brazil.

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