From Prison, Yorm Bopha Writes Songs for Freedom

2 Jan

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    Have you met Yorm Bopha? She’s the fierce Cambodian land rights activist who has been hitting headlines across the world since December 27th, 2012, when she was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for “intentional violence with aggravating circumstances.” The young activist challenged the accusations, stating that “This is injustice in the money-and-dollar society.”
    Amnesty International considers Bopha a “prisoner of conscience” and several other human rights groups are protesting her arrest on her behalf.
    But even prison will not silence Bopha’s voice of defiance. She has been writing songs throughout her days in jail. Here are a few of her lyrics from the article below:

    “What day will there be freedom?
    Please, officials, tell the people
    or does the man just hunger for dollars
    and make the citizens suffer.”

    “I wanted to advocate for land and housing,
    but I am poor and I have no rank, so I was violated
    Officials, help the citizens in poverty to get to freedom.”

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