25 Oct

You owe it to yourself to watch these two videos.


While the audio is somewhat clearer, and the video motion is “smoother” for those using older computers, the disadvantage is that the video had to be cut into two parts given restrictions placed on my account by YouTube. Overall, however, the file sizes are smaller than they were originally, so the video should also be faster to download.

I want to especially say thanks for the many positive comments received thus far in other venues, and I hope this will aid in further circulating critical perspectives that were deliberately marginalized during the course of NATO’s war on Libya–not least by NATO itself, an organization which actedas if it was entirely unaware of the racist violence on the ground, the destruction of cities, ethnic cleansing, and eradication of populations by the rebels whose way was paved by NATO’s bombs, all the while speaking incessantly about “protecting civilians.” Of course, NATO…

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