Scots protesters begin 3-day to fight Government cuts

17 Oct

THE young Scots will march from Stirling to Glasgow to protest against jobs, benefits and public service cutbacks.

Protesters fight against Government cuts
Protesters fight against Government cuts

YOUNG Scots will today begin a three-day march in protest at the Con-Dem Government cuts which are robbing them of their futures.

They will trek from Stirling to Glasgow to rally against cutbacks to jobs, benefits and public services.

The march has been organised by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and trade unionists will walk with jobless youths, students and anti-cuts campaigners.

Protesters will leave Stirling Castle today and arrive in Glasgow on Saturday, where they will join the STUC-organised “A Future that Works – There is a Better Way” march and rally.

PCS Scotland’s Young Members’ Network co-chair Louise Hollingsworth said: “The UK Government’s austerity agenda is hitting the people who can least afford it so hard.

“We’re not all in it together when youth unemployment sits at 24.3 per cent and a young person today can only dream of the sort of pensions their parents and grandparents would have taken for granted. This march shows young people have had enough – whether they are in or out of work, in the private or public sector and are able-bodied or disabled.

“We’re united in saying, ‘There is an alternative’ and are prepared to fight for it.”

Colin White, 26, from Partick in Glasgow, called on the public to support the marchers and let the Government know they are unhappy about the way the country is being run.

Colin White will join the three-day march
Colin White will join the three-day march

Colin, a business student at Glasgow Caledonian University, said: “The march will be a rallying call to Scotland that there are people fighting their corner. There are dissatisfied people across the UK and we are hoping to bring them together. We are anti-austerity and believe the Government should be investing in public services.

“There is no great reason for continued austerity and the Government should be investing in proper training and jobs for young people.

“By cutting things like housing benefit, the Government are going to leave a massive amount of young people out on the streets to become a forgotten generation.

“No one in the UK can be satisfied with the way things are going just now – apart from a few at the very top who are benefitting while everyone else is suffering.”

PCS Scotland secretary Lynn Henderson added: “Young people will face a very bleak future if the UK
Coalition Government are allowed to continue their austerity agenda and their vicious attacks on working people.

“Youth unemployment is a national disgrace, while those in work face a less secure future and the prospect of a retirement in poverty as workers’ rights and pay and pensions are eroded further and further.

“Trade unions must stand together with young workers everywhere to say we want an alternative future.”

? The march is being supported by the Daily Record. For more details about the march and rally, visit a special STUC site, or the campaign site,

Daily Record.

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