#GlobalNoise Pot-Banging Protests Coming 13 Oct 2012

11 Oct

A day of pot-banging protests promises to shake the most sensitive earsacross the globe on October 13, 2012. The Global Noise initiative is organized by the international networks of Occupy, Indignados, #YoSoy132, and other social justice movements and activist platforms from several different countries. It will take place roughly one year after 2011’s October 15, when the world saw the rapid spread of square occupations calling for #GlobalChange.

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According to the website for Global Noise, local organizers and participants define the focus of each protest themselves:

The result is a turbulent cacophony of issues and slogans: “Don’t owe, won’t pay” in Spain, “Fuck the Troika” in Portugal, a clear message against war from Istanbul, a protest in front of the annual IMF/Worldbank meeting in Tokyo,
One common theme running through all the #GlobalNoise events is the targeting of political and financial elites who are held responsible for destroying our communities and the planet, resonating the ongoing wave of anti-austerity protests in Europe and around the world. At the same time #GlobalNoise is a symbol of hope and unity, building on a wide variety of struggles for global justice and solidarity, assuring that together we will create another world.

[This and other #GlobalNoise videos can be seen here]

Occupy Wall Street explains the concept behind the upcoming non-violent day of action, when demonstrations are expected to get “louder than ever” with the global cacerolazo, casserole, pot-banging protest:

Historically, banging on a pot has been a universally understood means to gain attention. The casserole march has its origins as a means to call attention to problems facing the community that the power structure is not addressing, using a method that is hard to ignore. In the past, this form of activism has been used to draw attention to education reform, starvation, government corruption, inequality in resources, and more.

Potbanging citizen media

Play #potbanging but take care of your children #OK13Global #globalNOISE

While hundreds of actions are expected to take place covering a wide range of issues, protesters are also planning to take over social media with a help from the crowds.

Starting on October 10, an international Twitter campaign aims at leading the hashtags#GlobalNoise#13O#O13 and #OK13Global to worldwide trending topics. Follow @potbangingfor updates and check their lists of local organizers on Twitter.

OccupyTheComms crowd-sourced media pagefor #GlobalNoise will collect all the relevant media related to the action using real time tools during October 13, and Livestream.com/globalnoise and GlobalRevolution.tv will be used to gather different livestreams from the world from October 12 onwards.

An interactive map with live updates (such as tweets, pictures, and links to livestreams), based on the work of the Spanish Voces25s, is in the works.

Other online platforms for interaction include Facebookoccupii.orginteroccupy hubmailinglist,mumble meetings and gmail.com.

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