Blog: Mogadishu comic is latest Somali media death

3 Aug

Abdi Jeylani Malaq (Hiiran Online)

All the radio stations wanted him and for good reason–Abdi
Jeylani Malaq
was one of the most famous comedians in Mogadishu, and it was
the holy month of Ramadan when the radio broadcasters hold quiz shows. Abdi had
been in the business since 1989 and was in hot demand as a commentator for the
competitions. He had just finished one such quiz show Tuesday evening at Radio
Kulmiye in the capital’s central region and left the station for home when two
gunmen shot him
five times in the chest and head, local journalists told me. He was pronounced
dead due to blood loss at Medani Hospital and buried Thursday. “He was a great
friend for me and for all Somali journalists,” recounted Abdalla Ahmed, a
reporter for private Mogadishu station Radio Risaale. 

from Committee to Protect Journalists

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