Blog: Q&A: Nadira Isayeva on exile from Dagestan, in US

19 Jun

Nadira Isayeva (AP/Sergei Rasulov)

Nadira Isayeva, a 2010 CPJ
International Press Freedom Award winner, has been
living in exile since she left her native Dagestan, in Russia’s volatile North
Caucasus, in November 2011. Isayeva, the editor-in-chief of the independent weekly Chernovik, had been harassed by security
forces for her relentless, critical coverage of their heavy-handed
anti-terrorism operations in the region. Yet she was hesitant to leave, unable
to imagine herself not reporting on these issues.

fellow human rights advocates finally convinced Isayeva to leave, she came to
New York, where she works as a fellow at Columbia University’s Harriman Institute.
(The interview has been edited).

from Committee to Protect Journalists

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