Blog: Displaced by threats, old life gives way to new

19 Jun

A soldier patrols a lake in the town of Panajachel, where journalist Lucía Escobar used to live. (AFP/Orlando Sierra)

For seven years I lived in Panajachel, a tourist town on the beautiful
Atitlán Lake in Guatemala. There, my husband, Juan Miguel Arrivillaga, and I
started a family and the independent news outlet Anti Magazine. We also hosted a radio program on the local station Radio Ati. The magazine was in circulation for several years,
free of charge. It survived by publicizing the services of local businesses
(restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, mechanics, and art galleries). The magazine
delved into regional issues through four cross sections: indigenous culture,
freedom of expression, art, and ecology. We also organized free art and film
festivals, and collected thousands of books for local libraries. The last year
we were there, I also taught literature to high school students in a local private

from Committee to Protect Journalists

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