US Protest Movement Growing

16 Oct

Demonstrators in New York are celebrating the victory of their movement going global, yet they feel frustrated by the way the officials are running their country.

Ted Sotinsky, one of the protesters: “I’ll tell you, I think there are people from all walks of life down here and all different kinds of ideology and I don’t have great faith that it is going to change. I wish it did, I mean that is what I hope for, but I don’t have great faith in it. The government does not give a damn what the people think, they simply don’t care”.

The US is where the Occupy Wall Street movement all began. It started with a tiny group of activists camping outside the New York Stock Exchange in mid-September. People were protesting against fat cats pocketing bonuses while American taxpayers were struggling to make ends meet.

Emancipate Yourselves at Occupy Wall Street

Image by PeaceCouple via Flickr

The number of protestors grew to thousands and now the crowd is the largest so far. People are armed with facts and they are approaching journalists and talking. On the one hand, they are happy the movement has spread, but on the other they feel frustrated with the way their country is being run. So they continue to march for change.

“The whole world, everybody who is in the lower class needs a bigger piece of the pie. We are only eating crumbs”, says Josh Rutski, one of the protesters.

Another protester explains, “The message is that 99% of our population is considered unimportant and we are not okay with that. I think our government needs a little re-working. Right now corporations are kind of running the government by finding political campaigns and those politicians are getting into office and of course they are going to do what is in the corporations’ best interest because that is who is funding them and giving them money”, says Kaitlynn Cornell.

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  1. ted sotinsky October 18, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    If Washington represented the 99%’s, then most of the following would occur:

    1. There would not be 800 military bases to support around the world and the Pentagon’s / defense contractors’ budget would be greatly reduced.
    2. There would not be 2 wars and occupations going on, both based on lies and misinformation presented to the public.
    3. Financial / banking regulations would work for the benefit of the people and not against them.
    4. There would be a import-export balance.
    5. There would be fair tax laws for people and corporations (no subsidies or tax loopholes, etc. or special sweetheart deals for special interests).
    6. Campaign contributions by corporations would be disallowed.
    7. Special interest group influence over legislation would be better managed for the benefit of the people and not special interest groups alone.
    8. The electoral college would be eliminated and a popular vote implemented.
    9. There would be universal free health care and higher education.
    10. We would not have a militarized foreign policy intent on economic hegemony (neo-colonialism).
    11. We would not be committing war crimes in foreign countries or supporting countries committing war crimes.
    12. We would be a moral voice in the international community and not a thug terrorist state.
    13. Unions would be supported by the government.
    14. The minimum wage would be greatly increased.
    15. Legislation would be written by citizens and not large corporations.
  2. ted sotinsky October 18, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    People have remarked that there has not been a coherent or cogent message or list of demands from the OWS movement. I disagree with that assessment. There has been hundreds if not thousands of books written by reputable non-aligned scholars (not hacks mind you like the guys writing for the NY Times or the News or Post, etc.) pointing out in gory detail the many vile military and financial crimes of Washington, all committed for the financial gain of corporations with close ties to Washington. The current financial debacle is the result of the incestuous mating of Washington and Wall Street for personal and corporate gain at the expense of the average American. But that is not all, it gets much worse. Washington has a great deal of human blood on its greedy hands from its ecomomic imperialism posing as just wars, namely the criminal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan (neither country was a threat to the U.S.’s security). And yet it is business as usual for all of us. How can that possibly be? We are continually being lied to and financially abused by Washington and yet there has been no significant blowback from the public until now. We are enraged with the status quo. We are disgusted with Washington and how it functions for the 1% with little regard for our welfare and dignity. We are stealing the natural resources of the middle east and eurasia as if it was our right to do so. What are we that we allow such a corrupt government to continue to represent us? When a government continually lies and misrepresents events to the public as does Washington the public has a right to terminate that government.

  3. ted sotinsky October 19, 2011 at 8:51 am #

    The dirty ponzi scheme goes like this:
    Washington fights criminal wars and uses our clean SS money and clean hard earned taxes to support the filthy wars where a few million die. Our money is given to the large filthy corporations supporting these filthy wars and the guys in filthy Congress. And why are these criminal wars being fought? Not for our security but to obtain economic markets and resources, such as oil and gas. So we are being doubly and triply ripped off by Washington. Just think, our military is essentiallly being used by private corporations for their private gain – through filthy wars. What’s more, the oil and gas corporations get subsidies and tax breaks as well. Our kids are dying for Exxon and UNOCOL, Haliburton, GE, Ratheon, etc. Furthermore, beccause there is not enough money to support this ponzi scheme Washington must borrow money from bankers (who make a profit as well) that WE have to pay back. Then there must be austerity measures imposed on US because they don’t dare end the ponzi scheme enriching their filthy patrons.

  4. ted sotinsky October 20, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    After my very brief and somewhat successful sound bites on RT, I’ve been requested to initiate a U.S. National Transitional Government of the 99%’s in Elmhurst, Queens, where I live. Elmhurst, the most diverse communnity in the world, being a working class neighborhood, is the perfect location for the emerging government of the people. I will appreciate all the support I can obtain (no money and no interviews, please). I am the perfect candidate to lead the transitional government because I have absolutely none of the requisite qualifications to do so.

    • ted sotinsky October 23, 2011 at 12:46 pm #

      Why the OWS and what is the aim? Well, it is not news that the average American feels disaffected from the current political process. Surveys have indicated for quite some time that Americans are for a public health system that is free of corporate greed; that Americans are against the militarization of foreign policy and perpetual war that has bankrupted us morally and fiscally; that Americans want the financial / banking sector regulated; that Americans want Washington free from corporate influence for corporate gain. These are a few of the issues that people have on their mind. I think that people are hoping for a populist movement, for the emergence of a third party that will represent the needs of the 99%’s. Currently, we have two parties with one ideology. In fact, the U.S. has become a new variety of a totalitarian state expressed by Bush’s exclamation that you are either for us or against us. People do not want an American Empire or an Imperial Presidency that can sweep aside the constitution and established international treaties in order to wage pre-emptive wars for economic hegemony. I find it very disconcerting that the U.S. can sanction Iraq, invade and occupy Iraq all based on lies and not be completely upset by it.

  5. ted sotinsky October 23, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    OWS represents an engaged citizenry, and thus the antithesis of the current political environment where the citizens are generally disenfranchised spectators and nothing more than passive recipients of manufactured consent. OWS is expressing their disenchantment of not only the overt corruption of Wall Street, but of giant corporations that have usurpted the democratic process for their own narrow financial gains. Corporations have utilized the Pentagon and its military power to wage pre-emptive imperialistic wars for economic hegeomony. The Presidency has become the Imperial Presidency, able to side-step the constitution and international treaties for the benefit of corporate profits. The militarization of foreign policy aimed at a nebulous never ending war on terror has been an excuse to reduce domestic spending and social democracy and continue a war economy even when there is no foreign threat. Again, this is to the narrow benefit of the wealthy elite. The Washington elite has thus usurped the people as “the deciders.” They believe we are ignorant and can be ignored. Thus OWS. We will no longer be ignored.

  6. ted sotinsky October 25, 2011 at 11:06 am #

    When will the trials begin for the war and corporate criminals that have co-opted the political process and banrupted our treasury? The trials may be what is needed for real CHANGE.

  7. ted sotinsky October 25, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    – The military industrial complex has been financially exploiting the American public by mythologizing the “terrorists.” They are here, there and everywhere and thus so must be the military and security organizations to fend them off and protect us. This social arrangement has become institutionalized, making America a new variety of totalitarian state.

    – The war on terror provokes the very terror it seeks to destroy.

    – Through lies, deception, misinformation and fraud, Washington has destroyed any semblance of a participatory democracy in America.

    – The Utopian vision and implementation of a Superpower with economic and military hegemony cannot help but corrupt the domestic citizenry and create and provoke terrorism abroad. America is thus anti-democratic.

    – If the citizenry of America are not to be accomplices in the destruction of countries and the murder of their civilians then they must protest.


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